Stranger Things Artwork






Kushtaka (Two Beaches)

The Houses Below

The Golden Hour

Blacked Out

White Ring

Stranger Things

Written by J. Hencken and J. Pupa. Recorded @ The Septopus, Charlotte, NC. Produced by J.R. Snyder. Artwork by Lina Hsaio. © 2013.

Call You On It LP

by Jon Dice

Call You On It

1.Maya 06:10
2.Call You On It 04:17
3.The Beach 05:41
4.Forgot 04:48
5.Divas 07:24
6.Death What 04:06
7.Show Me Love 06:08
8.Same 07:28
9.WJJ 01:43

Download Here


Red Thumb Light EP

by Nillo & Flashman Irving

Full album, artwork and lyrics available at:


Meridian Hill EP

by Nillo & Flashman Irving

Meridian Hill EP

“Meridian Hill EP”
Nillo and Flashman Irving

1. Strange Groves
2. Cicadas
3. Stay Outside
4. Meridian Hill Park
5. Time It Stayed
6. May You Always

A special thanks goes out to Carol Jinier (artwork), Marie Hsiao (vocals), John Hencken (trumpet), Oresti Tsonopoulos (mastering) and Sabeel Azam (vocals) for helping us complete this album.

Full album, artwork and lyrics available at:


Crystal Mountain Music Collective Compilation Album

Download here:

Cover Art by Michael Pocchia
Co-produced/ Engineered by Mark Pawlak

1. April’s Coming (Sunshine Voyager)
2. Long Weekend (Flashman Irving)
3. Burn My Guitar on the Floor (Bone Blanket)
4. Midday Madness (Sabeel Azam)
5. Going Up To See You (Common Face)
6. Christina (Nillo)
7. You Came To Me In A Dream (Nillo)
8. Spirits (Sunshine Voyager)
9. Tank Full of Gasoline (Bone Blanket)
10. 3216 (Flashman Irving)
11. Like You Want Me To (Common Face)
12. Daydream in F# (Sabeel Azam)

Special thanks to: Sue On (Violin on tracks 4, 5, 6 and 11), Nelson Graham (Bass on tracks 1, 6, 7, 8 and Ukulele on track 11), and Tim O’Connor (Bass on track 5, and Cello on tracks 5 and 11.)


Vows – “Winter’s Grave

1. A Mile From the Road
2. Parallel
3. Born A Wolf
4. Unreal Love
5. Climbing
6. Anywhere You Go
7. Queen Baby
8. Two Sunrises
9. Winter’s Grave
10. Glory
11. Dead Ends
Vows’ debut album is no longer available for free download. Please, find us on Amazon, CD Baby, Band Camp, iTunes, etc. and show us your support. Thank you very much.


Half Moon Bloom

Cover Art by Michael Pocchia; recorded live

Sunshine Voyager & Secret Pockets – “Half Moon Bloom” EP (2011)

1. You Dropped Your Jacket
2. Cricket Dance
3. Harlequin Drive
4. We Are Weather Balloons
5. Outward Collapsing Domes
6. Red and Blue Bouquet

Stream here:
Download here:


Lover’s Health (On Highway Untitled)

1. Apocalyptic Blue
2. …And Also With You
3. Highway Untitled
4. Sure I’m Sure
5. You Don’t Care
6. Alabama (Southern Love)
7. Lonewolf
8. Life And Death In The Woods
9. Velvet Heart
10. Apricot / Allergic Jam
11. Lover’s Health
12. Billy The Kid
13. Hey Jealousy
14. For Dyea, My Truest Love

Written and Recorded By J. Pupa. This is an oldie but goodie for those who requested it. Enjoy!


sunshine voyager & friends, s/t

Recorded by Michael Chornomaz and friends
Cover art by Michael Pocchia.

1. beauty filled
2. cait
3. laying in bed
4. feel love
5. a cover
6. rye bread
7. untitled #1
8. one day this will be a finished song
9. playin my geetar
10. emily and friends
11. untitled #2
12. onward
13. shining
14. april’s coming!
15. lament
16. a friend
17. emily and friends, pt. 2
18. conversations in my basement
19. stoop jams
20. separated

Recorded over different seasons with family and friends on a cute tape recorder. I won’t name last names but on this album I definitely hear ryan, brian, carol, my dad, mom, emily, john, mike, and april all on here in different parts. So thanks to them and everyone I know and love. Hope you get something out of this album, preferably a smile or warm feeling.


Dog Heart, Common Face (July 2010)

1. Neshanic Elation (If I Wanted To)
2. Alright
3. Thanks for Loving Me
4. Son
5. Make Me Love You
6. Went a Ways
7. God Man
8. Alone
9. Losing Time

Download here:


Jon Dice Presents Dubcake Vol. 1

Jon Dice (July 2010)

Written and Produced by J. Pupa aka Jon Dice. Here’s something uber funky fresh to delve into to kick off sweaty sexy summer! Unique dubstep, two-step, dancehall, whatever you wanna call this shtuff, it’s fun to get loose to. The first of a series of volumes, Dubcake Volume 1, includes the synth and electronic work of Nillo, CoD (Cadillac of Dub), PFAC (Paper Fields and Coffee, aka Voyager), A-Jax and Rainbow Blood, all Mixed into a wild dubstep cacophony by Jon Dice.

1. Nillo – Loose Tubs / Jungle Crush

2. CoD – Pan-American Sphincter

3. Rainbow Blood – Radico

4. A-Jax – Biran’s Voice

5. Dice – Cum On!

6. Dice – Die Brett Michaels

7. Dice – Burnin’ On Da Highway

8. Dice – Horn Clap

9. Dice – Violin’ce

10. Dice – Choking

11. PFAC – Voyger

12. PFAC – Flight Meditation / Looking Towards The Fear

13. Dice – Sub Sanskrit

14. Dice – Elementz

15. Dice – War Organizerz

16. Dice – Open Up Your Chest

17. Dice – Shit Sandwich (Part I)

18. Dice – Fatty Clubbin’ Asses

19. Dice – Shit Sandwich (Game Over)



Young Man From The Badlands, Bone Blanket (May 2010)

Written and recorded by J. Pupa, except “In For The Kill”, originally written by La Roux, and “Young Man From The Badlands” piano written by Nillo. Engineered by Nillo. Cover Art by J. Pupa.

1. Intro

2. I Am Nowhere

3. Tank Full Of Gasoline

4. In For The Kill**

5. Sounds From A River Town

6. What I Do Know

7. Vines

8. Until The Bottom Drops

9. Prayer

10. Roads

11. Young Man From The Badlands

Home-recorded sound and style, definitely check it out, it’s a pretty honest old-timey sound of an album.


Transience, Sunshine Voyager (April 2010)

  1. Sunlight
  2. Day And Night
  3. Looking Towards The Fear
  4. Release
  5. Voyager
  6. Broadleaf Canopy
  7. Rain Meditation
  8. Passage
  9. Temporal Shifts
  10. Flight Meditation

A tranquil yet dangerous journey through the milky way. Warning: This album may induce meditative state and/or seizures.

Free download HERE:!3NY0xTxC!emyjEDCDec927-SRIPhDzCjhaF8HOAqAS5U1l0AU1TM


Drown, Bone Blanket (2008)

Written by JP, except for “In An Instant”, by Bryce Hackford. Recorded and Engineered by Bryce Hackford @ “The Drain” in Portland, OR and Queens, NY. Bryce also plays synths throughout the album and bass for “Get Restless”. Jeff plays guitar, bass, drums, and vox. Album also featured on!

  1. All The Better
  2. Common Thread
  3. In An Instant
  4. Foldead
  5. Get Restless!
  6. Deck
  7. Lassen
  8. Scumpipe Sam
  9. Psalm For Bees
  10. Suckfish
  11. Taking Crystal Mountain By Storm
  12. How House Harmony
  13. The Fire’s Choke
  14. Whiskey Beat / Ocean Drum

Download Here:


E.E.U.U., Bone Blanket and the Estados Unidos (June-July 2009)

Written by JP. Recorded by Nillo, engineered by JP and Nillo. JP – Guitar, Vox, Synths. Nillo – Drums, Percussion, Synths, Vox. Common Face – Guitar, Vox. Steve – Bass, Vox.

  1. Alabama (Southern Love)
  2. Taking Crystal Mountain By Storm!
  3. Apricot / Allergic Jam
  4. Disappear
  5. Life And Death In The Woods
  6. Get Restless
  7. Foldead
  8. Sound Of The Train
  9. Sure I’m Sure
  10. Two Girls *
  11. United

* Originally written by Townes Van Zandt.

Download Here:


Common Face (self-titled) EP, Common Face (January 2010)

1. Living and Dying Alone
2. Buried Alive
3. Summer Waiting
4. I Was
5. Won’t Come Back
6. You-Knowverse

Download here:


Give Me Time, Bone Blanket (March 2010)

Written by JP. Recorded and engineered @ “The Murderhaus” and “Jim’s Basement Studios” by JP and Nillo. JP – guitar, vox, synths, drums, bass. Common Face – pedal steel guitar. Nillo – drums, synths. Tim – Cello

  1. Moon Mouth
  2. Hungry As A Tiger
  3. A Beggar’s Advance
  4. Nauticalove
  5. Rainbow Blue
  6. Morning Feathers Falling
  7. Betweens
  8. Through Nature, One Result
  9. I Won’t Lie With The Angels
  10. Out With A Blaze

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