I came across these guys whilst on the Internet and wanted to give them a try, and a minute turned to ten and ten turned a lot more than that. I find something eerily pleasant about Vows. There is quite often a desire to compare music to more recognizable musicians like, “oh they sound like Radiohead”. I want to refrain from that with Vows. Mostly because I have not given them enough time to really understand where they are coming from.

Vows’ songs are full of echo giving them that ethereal, eery sound, but the music is bittersweet; blissfully melancholy. A perfect background to a thoughtful, relaxed evening when you are accompanied merely by your thoughts. Take a listen and please, enjoy.

-The Subjective Listener

Vows Album…

I actually found out about Vows after they liked one of my posts just the other day. After somebody likes one of my posts, I usually check out if they have a site of their own. It happened that Vows did. You can check them out here… . Anyways, I went through their site and dug up their album “Winter’s Grave” (which happens to have a great album cover).  Immediately their sound reminded me of Youth Lagoon. Which is weird considering my last post was about Youth Lagoon. But anyway, their sound is very relaxing while having a nice folk-pop sound to it at times. I strongly urge you to go and buy their album. Yes, it’s on iTunes. I promise you, Vows will be a very very well known group in a very short time.

Upcoming shows you ask?

1/6 – @The Stone Pony – Asbury Park, NJ
1/22 – @The Cake Shop – New York, NY
2/18 – @Le Grande Fromage – Atlantic City, NJ

Go check out their site, and go buy their album “Winter’s Grave”. If you like Youth Lagoon, you’ll love Vows.

Vows – “Winter’s Grave”

Softly played and loudly spoken jams comprise [Vows’] debut album “Winter’s Grave” with 11 tracks of folk-rock grooves. Those 11 tracks range from acoustic hook heavy songs like “Anywhere You Go” to full-on jamborees such as album closer “Dead Ends.” Whether you are looking for quiet jams to compliment your readings at night, or all out instrumental pieces with howling vocals to keep your cabin fresh and alive, Vows have got what you are looking for. Download “Winter’s Grave” over at their bandcamp [here].

Minimum Advice

“Winters Grave” by Vows

I am not sure which link on obscure shoutbox I clicked to find this band. But it turns out good and even better when I find out it’s a free release on the CMMC Label which have much more to offer.
So Vows is a duo from New Jersey an play some psychy/dream pop. Maybe a mixture between Beach House and Grizzly Bear. Some tracks are real gems and stay in your head, some are just for the moment, but that’s ok. There is potential here for your new favorite springtime soundtrack.
I am sure if they ever go to a real recording studio with professional mastering and shit it turns boring. So keep your DIY recording sound, please.

Dying For Bad Music


Vow’s debut album “Winter’s Grave”

Dubbed out samples and churning white noise are making endless rounds in increasingly lifeless indie pop. It’s hard to find the pearls without sifting through lots of lackluster muck.

Vows’ debut album, Winter’s Grave stands out from that mess without ditching the musical aesthetics that has made this style so damn popular. The seasonal title of the work proves to be strikingly accurate. With the exception of the opening tracks’ warm Rhodes piano invoking some wintry nostalgia, the album pulls quickly away from the wool and gloom of this year’s winter, diving face first into a pool of summery shimmer. It’s hard not to feel the pull of the band’s continual optimism for the beachy goodness that late May holds. “Parallel”, the second track, stumbles around its first half in a wintry mix of chillingly hollow bass coupled with haunting high-end organ jabs and electric guitar caked in icy VST reverb. Around the two-minute mark, a sudden flurry of ecstatic shaker madness greets the listener like the moment when pollen and heat slap you in the face and you realize… summer has arrived.

Jeff Pupa, the mind behind Bone Blanket and other central Jersey indie projects, does not abandon his song writing skills. He manages to keep his songs genuine despite the generous use of post-production effects and warm synthetic sheen not found in much of his other work. Soft meandering toy box melodies in tracks like “Unreal Love” and “Queen Baby” do much to set the mood for the album. Pupa vocally channels his inner Zach Condon, crooning on “Unreal Love” and “Anywhere You Go.” Most of the album, however, has Pupa’s signature powerful vocal chords largely where they were in his previous projects, give or take some reverb. It’s exciting to see some of the experimentation being added so gradually, so as not to dilute what has been working so well. Most of the songs are based around lyrics and the feelings they evoke, but unlike other folky projects from the Crystal Mountain Music Collective, the words here often recede into the mix so heavily or get so lost in their own psychedelic looped ambiance that they become part of the background. All the while, Nillo’s warbling piano lines glide in and out of the mix to keep the water-like flow consistent. The keyboard’s summery drone builds into the shakes, pops, and crackles that return to the melodic guitar hooks that led you there in the first place.

Soft percussive elements push through the album’s ambiance enough to drive many of the tracks into the frantic pop hooks that make them irresistibly endearing. Stand out tracks like “Queen Baby”, “Parallel”, and the title track, “Winter’s Grave”, largely sum up the feel but don’t entirely do it justice. There is plenty of density to go around here. Even after a few listens, the work stands to highlight various aspects of emotional rides associated with the season’s change. Pupa’s voice is never so washed out as to be unmistakable, like a beacon in the dense fog of stereo textures. The jittery evolution into droning chaos within the closer, “Dead Ends”, makes the trees lose their leaves, inviting you to hit repeat to thaw the next year’s winter all over again. Fans of Pupa’s clean folk song writing ability will not be disappointed, but it is important to note that much of the acoustic sensibility of previous endeavors has been shed in favor of more experimental ambiance. I hope we can expect more from this duo, as this has been one of the most innovative and fun sonic trips to come from Jersey in recent memory.

Matt Jack

Vows – Winter’s Grave

Οι Vows θυμιζουν έντονα Rufus Wainwright αλλά το κάνουν πολύ καλά. Ήρθαν στο κατάλληλο τάιμινγκ όσον αφορά τον εαυτό μου. Μόνο δίπλα μου δεν τους είχα σήμερα. Έτσι, να τα λέμε που και που κατά το άκουσμα. Ο δίσκος μου έβγαλε το αίσθημα της απώλειας. Της ερωτικής. Αυτή, που μόνο όταν έρθει συνθλίβεσαι πάνω στα αγκάθια της και σπαράζεις από αφόρητο πόνο. Αυτή που σου κόβει την ανάσα στα δύο, σαν να πήρε τη μισή μαζί της..και σε βρίσκει ανήμπορο να αισθανθείς οτιδήποτε άλλο από εκείνη..

Suicide Dots

Vows – Winter’s Grave

“Hemlagad, lite lätt psykedelisk drömpop från New Jersey. Som ett Beach House på en oklippt gräsmatta. Bara att ta sig in på Bandcamp och hämta.”


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