New Limited Edition Pressing of Winters Grave

Hey everyone,

We finally re-pressed Winters Grave! We’ve been sold out for a while but a new batch of limited edition Winter’s Grave CDs are now available for sale for $10. Each hand-made casing is a painted canvas satchel with album artwork inside. Extremely limited quantity!

Order Here

Extremely Limited Quantity


Flashman Irving @ Ebenezers in DC 2/5/12

Once again our very own Flashman Irving will grace the stage at Ebenezers Coffee House in DC. If you’re in the DC metro area and not insane you might check out his set because they’re magical though unfortunately few and far between.

2.5.12 4-6pm

And I wouldn’t be lying if I mentioned that we may have recently convinced the man to release his FIRST EP with nillo after it has sat on the shelf collecting dust for years.

That’s all for now.

New Vows Site

Vows Music

opening for Emperor X

live in New Brunswick, NJ

As you can see, Vows has sort of monopolized on this site recently. Therefore in order to keep this blog dedicated to the entire collective’s endeavors we have created a brand new Vows site. There you will be able to find everything you need regarding the band. Here, we will continue updating you on only essential Vows’ business. Keep checking in because we are working on releasing our other forms of music, video and collective creations soon.

– New Common Face EP
– Debut LP by Nillo
– More

– Crystal Mountain Music Collective