Forthcoming compilation….

As previously mentioned, we have a new compilation album featuring 2 songs by each of the 6 members of the collective. We worked our asses off for months trying to make this thing perfect, and actually sent it away to be mastered! While we wait for the final project, here is a list of the tracks for you to enjoy in the meantime! Also check out the single from the comp, “Midday Madness” by Sabeel Azam.

“Crystal Mountain Music Collective” (S/T album):

1. April’s Coming (Sunshine Voyager)
2. Long Weekend (Flashman Irving)
3. Burn My Guitar On The Floor (Bone Blanket)
4. Midday Madness (Sabeel Azam)
5. Goin’ Up To See You (Common Face)
6. Christina (Nillo)
7. You Came To Me In A Dream (Nillo)
8. Spirits (Sunshine Voyager)
9. Tank Full Of Gasoline (Bone Blanket)
10. 3216 (Flashman Irving)
11. Like You Want Me To (Common Face)
12. Daydream in F# (Sabeel Azam)

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