sunshine voyager and friends

sunshine voyager & friends, s/t

Recorded by Michael Chornomaz and friends
Cover art by Michael Pocchia.

1. beauty filled
2. cait
3. laying in bed
4. feel love
5. a cover
6. rye bread
7. untitled #1
8. one day this will be a finished song
9. playin my geetar
10. emily and friends
11. untitled #2
12. onward
13. shining
14. april’s coming!
15. lament
16. a friend
17. emily and friends, pt. 2
18. conversations in my basement
19. stoop jams
20. seperated

Recorded over different seasons with family and friends on a cute tape recorder. This album was very fun to compile. I digitized all my micro cassettes that have been used from time to time over the years, and I was happy to fit different pieces and threads together to make an album out of them. I just purchased a new tape recorder and I wanted to retire the old one but document it’s recordings. I have hours worth of other more experimental stuff that I plan on working with from the tapes too. I won’t name last names but on this album I definitely hear ryan, brian, carol, my dad, mom, emily, john, mike, and april all on here in different parts. So thanks to them and everyone I know and love. Hope you get something out of this album, preferably a smile or warm feeling.

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