The Launch of Crystal Mountain Music

Hello everyone.

The whole purpose of launching this blog is to basically get a hype going about the music that we have been creating now for years. We feel like so much of it has gone unnoticed or or unnoticed due to busy schedules, schooling, distance, etc. However, throughout our years, there has been so much amazing work being produced by this circle of people; most of which had remained within the living room/basements in which it was created.

The Crystal Mountain Music Collective has transformed over the last couple years from a gathering of fluid best friend music collection to a label.

As there has been so much work that we have been sort of self-producing and self-releasing, We’d really like to establish a place online that organizes it all, discusses it, creates awareness about it for other potential listeners, and starts a buzz in the music world with what we’ve been doing.

We hope to keep updating this thing on a regular basis with releases, album reviews, links to bands’ websites, any news or show/tour info, and etc. So be patient as this is just the birth of hopefully something big!

The Crystal Mountain Family

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